Join one of the UK's number 1 hot tub brands.

H2O Spa has established itself as one of the UK's leading hot tub brands. In the last few years, we've increased our brand identity and presence massively within the UK market. In fact, a Google or Bing search for "hot tubs" and other similar purchase-intent phrases shows H2O in positions 1-3 almost every single time, meaning our visibility in the marketplace is huge.

In 2018 we set up a fantastic nationwide dealer network to allow other retailers to sell under the H2O brand, but have the backing of our great reviews and star rating on the likes of Google and Trustpilot. Dealers can take advantage of our pay as you go setup. We run a live stock sheet so that dealers can order and pay one spa at a time, meaning there's no need for huge initial investments other than your demo and display models. We import all of our own stock and deal with all the VAT side of the importation, with a factory that we've worked with for years.

We have helped a number of retailers such as; Peterborough Hot Tubs, Hot Tubs Liverpool, H2O Ireland, Luxury Sundecks, Platinum Architectural Project Solutions, William May developments and Luso Spas (parts dealer).

We've invested heavily in architechure, digital marketing and more in order to grow our brand and cement ourselves as one of the UK's top hot tub retailers. A brand that's honest, fair and wins customer trust. We provide fantastic customer experiences and deliver exceptional service always.

At H2O, we partner with retailers of all sizes. If you're a small, independent hot tub retailer, garden centre or homeware store that's looking for a great hot tub product to sell or a larger retailer who's looking to add more to their range, we can help. We store hundreds of spas at any one time, with constant new arrivals from the factory, ensuring low lead times for your customers. We can deliver on your behalf or you can arrange your own delivery and installation.

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Want to set up your own hot tub franchise?

Why bother going to the effort and considerable expense of trying to create a brand and generate visibility in a busy marketplace when you can capitalise on ours, which has been built over a number of years?

Run your hot tub showroom under the H2O Spa brand name as a franchise and you can benefit from our enormous brand visibility, exceptional digital marketing resources and lead generation.

Just focus on what matters: selling hot tubs and giving fantastic customer service.

Get in touch to discuss your own hot tub franchise or becoming a H2O hot tub dealer:

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