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Quality hot tubs for sale...

We’re H2O Spa, and we love hot tubs. We have a wide range of hot tubs for sale that are built specifically for the UK market. We pride ourselves on supplying quality, affordable hot tubs to the people of Britain.

Based in Nottingham, we want to provide you with the hot tub you’ve always dreamed of, at a price you can afford. Whether you’re a seasoned spa user or you’re brand new to hot tubs, our trained and experienced team will guide you through the process. Our customers love being in water, be it a swimming pool or a spa. There are even combined versions of those, called a swim spa! But we like hot tubs, so we focus on them.

And once you’re a customer, you’ll get great service when you need us. All our hot tubs come with a fantastic warranty and Balboa controls as standard.

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Our Range

At H2O Spa, we want to offer a wide range of spas because we understand that everybody has different requirements. So if you're looking for round hot tubs, small hot tubs, large ones, or even inflatable ones, we stock them all. Our spas are meticulously built in our bespoke factory to the highest standards, and we only use the best possible materials. That's why you'll see Balboa controls on all of our models, because they're the best in the business. Our frames are sturdy and built to last, and insulation thick and designed to make your spa as economical as possible.

If you've always wanted a spa but can't have any modifications to home electrics, why not try a plug & play hot tub? We offer a number of plug & play spas that connect to a standard 13A plug socket, and they're brilliant. A great way to get into the hot tub world without too much expense. Thanks to our fantastic range of hot tubs for sale, you'll be sure to find your dream spa in our collection.

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