Balboa & Gecko Hot Tubs

At H2O Hot Tubs, we only use either Balboa or Gecko control systems for all of our hot tubs.  Our decades of hot tub industry experience tells us that American hot tub controls are far superior to any other, and that’s what we want for our customers.

If you're looking at a spa that doesn't have Balboa or Gecko in the UK, the chances are that it's an inferior Chinese system.

Chinese systems are not as efficient and many are not even approved to use in the UK. We have witnessed countless customers with these systems catching fire and causing damage to homes, or having a series of faults, costing hundreds to replace. All Balboa and Gecko systems on our spas are supplied with a 2 year warranty.

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Balboa Hot Tubs

Easy to use and built in California, Balboa offer leading edge design & development plus state-of-the art manufacturing facilities. This makes Balboa the largest manufacturer of hot tub panels in the world.  These panels utilise patented Piezo electronic switch technology and unique potting techniques to eliminate moisture in harsh environments, thus offering panel quality and reliability that is second to none.

Look out for our BWA Series models and the bwa™ symbol. This system is available with Balboa's smartphone app, offering easy and total hot tub control wherever you are in the world.

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For further details on the BWA system and any minimum requirements, visit the Balboa Water Group website.

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Gecko Hot Tubs

Built in Canada, Gecko Controls have a superb reputation for build quality, reliability and ease of use. They offer bright, full colour displays and a high resolution screen. There is an intuitive user interface and allows for complete control of your hot tub's functions and features.

Take it in your hands, get their feel, press a key or two, look at their display and you'll know you're holding Gecko’s promises of advanced and reliable technology, a complete series of multi-function and multi-feature keypads for spas and hot tubs.

Look out for our Gecko in.clear2 hot tubs which offer a companion smartphone app for remote control of your hot tub, plus you can connect to your favourite smart home service, either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


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