To get in the mood for the Christmas season, we thought it would be fun to show you 10 crazy hot tub designs that we've found around the web! These are some of the coolest that we've found. 

 1. The Hot Tub On Wheels

Hot Tub Car

Why bother keeping your hot tub in one place, when you can just drive it around...

2. The Hanging Hot Tub

Hanging Hot Tub

If you want a view, why not just suspend yourself from a crane of some sort...

3. The Igloo Hot Tub 

Igloo Hot Tub

This is one way to keep warm if you live in a big house made out of snow...

4. The Floating Hot Tub

Floating Hot Tub

This one is some sort of weird inflatable hot tub boat... thing. We're not quite sure.

5. The Lake View Hot Tub

The Hot Tub View

This hot tub is built into a tiled floor, and has a superb view over a gorgeous lake.

6. The Stainless Steel Hot Tub

Stainless Steel Hot Tub

This one is interesting, we've never seen a stainless steel hot tub before!

7. The City View Hot Tub

City View Hot Tub

Fantastic view from this infinity pool-style hot tub of a city. We don't know which city, though.

8. The Hot Tub Boat

Hot Tub Boat

This is genuinely a hot, which is a hot tub. You can captain it around, if you like.

9. The Hillside Hot Tub

Hill Side Hot Tub

Set into a hillside, this is a great idea that looks really cool, we think.

10. The Yacht Hot Tub

Yacht Hot Tub

If you've got the money for a hot tub, and the money for a yacht, you can combine the two. Yay!

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We hope you've enjoyed these great pics we've acquired from around the web. If you like what you see and you're inspired to get a hot tub of your very own, why not Request A Brochure to check out our latest models. 

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