Hot Tub Water Care

Making sure your hot tub is clean and chemically balanced is an important part of hot tub ownership. We provide a great range of cleaning products and chemicals so that you can keep your hot tub in tip-top condition.

Remember, if there's anything you are unsure of, just get in touch and we'll be very happy to help you.

  • Cleaning your filter

    If you are regularly using your hot tub, we suggest you clean your filters every couple of weeks. It's a straightforward process using a filter cleaning solution such as our instant hot tub filter cleaner spray. This is a fantastic and very quick way to clean your hot tub filter, as all you need to do is spray the filter all over and leave for 30 minutes. After this time, simply remove by rinsing with a pressure washer or hose. Leave your filter to dry before placing them back in your hot tub. We recommend buying a spare set of filters to switch whilst cleaner your dirty set.

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  • Cleaning your spa shell

    When keeping your hot tub acrylic clean, it's important to use the correct product. Using an incorrect type of cleaning agent could lead to damage of your spa shell. Our hot tub cleaner is specially designed for spa acrylic and formulated with a fresh orange scent to remove scum from the hot tub. It is also great for cleaning your leather insulated cover, used with the Cover Protector this will truly give a great result.

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  • Looking after your hot tub cover

    Although it can be an afterthought, your hot tub cover is actually one of the most important parts of your spa. Not only does it keep garden debris such as leaves, grass and insects out of the water allowing your hot tub to run at it's best, it also retains the majority of heat and keeps running costs down. 

    To look after your hot tub cover we recommend a cover lifting device the main damage is caused by the sun and the changes in temperature from winter to summer. Using a cover protector helps to soften the leather so it doesn't dry out. In addition to that it benefits from a UV protector, which stops sun fading the leather. Treat every 12 weeks and your cover is guaranteed to last longer.

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  • Using your hot tub chemicals

    This includes Chlorine, PH Plus and PH Minus. Using your chemical testing strips will determine which chemicals you will need to add and how much.

    Your testing strips will indicate what your hot tub may be lacking and clear instructions are provided so that you can add these correctly.

    We recommend that you use the hot tub chemicals with great care and make sure you follow the instructions - H2O are happy to provide you with advice and help on this should you feel unsure in any way.

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  • Using your testing strips

    Part of our hot tub chemicals kit are the testing strips. They are simply a strip that has pads for each level needing to be tested. Once submerged in the hot tub water, they will take a few seconds to change colour. After a minute or so, you can see the colour change has taken place and you can then compare the colour of the strips to the coloured squares on the test strip container. 

    If the colour changing pads are the correct colour as indicated on the container then you can continue to enjoy your hot tub straight away. If the colours are different, then it can be easily rectified by carefully adding chemicals into the water in small quantities and testing again until you have the balance right. 

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