Hot Tub Service

It's important to give your hot tub a service annually. Having a regular service will improve the lifespan of your hot tub, and keep it running efficiently and safely.

Our sister company, Move Your Spa, does all of our hot tub servicing work. This all includes a full and comprehensive healthcheck of your hot tub, allowing you to find out about any potential issues before they get worse... and expensive!

Over time the it's possible for the pipework and plumbing in your hot tub get a build up of biofilm, harbouring viruses or bacteria. Your normal hot tub chemicals have difficulty breaking this film down. Regular servicing removes this bio-film ensuring a clean and safe hot tub. We will also safeguard your electrics against any potentially dangerous faults.

To book, simply order the service you want, and one of our hot tub specialists will call you within 24 hours to confirm a convenient date and time for your service.