Hot Tub Questions Answered

Our hot tubs online FAQ and Jargon Buster allows you to cut through all the industry terms and find the right hot tub for you, whilst understanding everything you need to know about hot tub ownership.

When choosing which hot tub is ideal for you, it’s good to make sure you do your research. Our hot tub jargon buster will help you make the right decision so you get the perfect hot tub.

And remember, we’re always here for any questions you may have. Just call us on 0333 990 0320 and we’ll be very happy to help.

Before you get to the real detail, here are the basic questions you need to be clear on when looking for your perfect hot tub.

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What is your budget?

Take some time to consider what you've got to spend on your new hot tub. Lots of customers wonderhow much hot tubs costand the honest truth is that it varies, depending if you're looking for something simpler or a real hydrotherapy powerhouse with lots of seats. Take into consideration therunning coststoo as there will be a monthly increase in your energy bill, plus the cost of chemicals and new filters from time to time.

What size of hot tub would you like?

Consider who will use it, how often it will be used and of course how big your garden is. UK gardens vary so much that we’ve made sure our range covers space saving like our 1000 seriesround hot tubor all out super-size!

What shape hot tub would you like?

Round, square, rectangle? If you have seen one you like the look of or have a specific area for your hot tub in your garden, it’s worth making a note.

Do you have good access to the back of your property?

Whichever hot tub you choose, it will need to get to the back of your property. There are lots of ways in which to check this and we will help you to ensure you buy the right hot tub. For more on this, you can learn abouthow we deliver our hot tubs.

How many seats would you like in your hot tub?

Again, this is similar to size. If you expect lots of people using the hot tub at one time, then one with more standard seats rather than loungers might be a good idea.

What colour would you like your hot tub to be? (we have lots to choose from!)

We have a choice of many different acrylic colours to choose from for your hot tub shell... from the standard white and blue to silvers and our gorgeous Mayan Copper. You can customise your hot tub to suit your garden with a choice of 2-3 cabinet colours too, depending on your model of choice.

How soon would you like your hot tub?

If you need your hot tub ASAP, it’s worth giving us a call as we have a range in stock and can organise express delivery in as little as 2 days. If you’re in no rush, browse our site and order online from any of our ranges.

General Questions about your hot tub

Running costs

As with all hot tubs, there is a cost involved to run. However, we have added lots of clever little tricks to our hot tubs to keep running costs down. This includes a dedicated circulation pump that runs a lower ampage than a main jet pump on low speed. Our spas also come with a 100mm insulated top cover, insulated cabinet and insulated floor and acrylic shell.


When we deliver your hot tub, we will go through everything you need to know and give you a set up demonstration. Our hot tub chemical starter kit is the perfect starter accessory!

Switching hot tub on and off

Lots of customers ask if you should leave your hot tub on all the time or switch it off when not in use. We recommend you leave your hot tub running at all times, unless you are planning to not use it. For example you will be away for an extended period of time. Hot tubs are perfect for both summer and winter so there’s no reason why you would need to turn it off. Keeping your hot tub at a steady temperature is more efficient than continually cooling it down and heating it up again. However, we offer a winterization service where one of our fully approved engineers will come to your home and empty all of the water including draining pipe work, clean down spa avoiding any water freezing in the internal piping. Ask us today about our maintenance services.

Hot tub jargon buster

ABS base – All our hot tubs come with an ABS base. This means the base is made from a solid material, making it fully water proof and keeping your hot tub rodent free. Some companies use a cheap liner or nothing at all. This leaves you hot tub exposes to elements of danger. 

Acrylic – The acrylic part of the hot tub is the part where you sit and holds the water. We have a range of acrylic colours for your hot tub.

Air jets- For hot tubs that come with a blower systems, these will have dedicated jets positioned around the spa which provide a different massage experience.

Balboa – Balboa is the manufacturer of controls for hot tubs amongst other components. They are renowned for their quality touch panels and wireless app.

Captain chairs- What is a captains chair? It is a dedicated seat normally the largest single seat with dedicated jets that cover most of the upper body. In some cases this also includes jets to the lower body and legs. The higher the spec of your hot tub, the better the captains chair.

Circulation pump -  All our hot tubs have dedicated circulation pumps. Why is this better? A dedicated circulation pump on our hot tubs runs at a very low ampage. Ours is 0.25 amps. This means  even running 24hrs a day and is a lot cheaper than a spa using the low speed jet pump. Which is normally 1-1.5 amps up to 6x the ampage.

Hydrotherapy jets - Most cheap hot tubs will have one directional jets and will only use up to 3 inch jets. We use up to 5 inch jets and a mixture of multi directional and hydro jets. Hydro jets spin, giving you a sensation of massage. Using only single directional jets can leave areas of the skin feeling sore and other areas not touched in terms of massage.

Insulated cover – All of our hot tub covers are twice as thick as most other standard covers. They are insulated to keep the heat in your hot tub as well as keeping garden debris out.

Loungers – For ultimate comfort, lounge seats (loungers) are formed for you to be able to submerge your whole body in a lounging position, ideal for all over massage and relaxation. 

Led water lights – All of our hot tubs come with LED lights. LED water lights are set around the hot tub and under the water.

Lucite Acrylic -  Lucite is well known within the spa industry. It is renowned for quality and durability. Other acrylic used is chines acrylic which is half the price to manufacture but is known to fail. Chines acrylic actually looks thicker, but it needs to be as it is not as strong. Lower quality acrylic can face from chemicals used in your hot tub. It can blister and crack due to weakness. Most will claim hot tubs are manufactured using Lucite acrylic, but until you get it and have used your hot tub for a while, you will probably not know.

We guarantee that all of our hot tubs are built using quality Lucite acrylic.

Microban – This is injected into the hot tub acrylic and prevents bacteria building up on the surface which can lead to discolouration. It also helps to keep the spa sanitized by not allowing the above to happen. We inject all of our hot tub acrylic with microban for a hygienic spa experience. 

Jet pump/s – Our tubs come with branded spa pumps from LX and DXD. All our spas currently run 3hp pumps which are the most powerful pumps on the market, the fail rate of the pump is very low - in fact up until now we have not had to change any under warranty.

Hot tubs with Ozone – The hot tub ozonator is an ozone generator that injects dissolved ozone into the spa water where it is one of the most powerful oxidizing disinfectants on earth, yet virtually undetectable by human touch. The natural from of oxygen combines with organic matter of all kinds to kill or neutralize it. Ozone is 200 times more powerful that chlorine and up to 99.99% effective against bacterian and viruses that can lurk in a hot tub. As an added benefit, the only byproduct of ozone is ordinary oxygen – no chemical residues.

Seats – In general, hot tub seats are upright sitting areas within your hot tub.

Single pump – A single pump provides a good strength of water jet for relaxation and in some cases the power of one pump can be switched to a specific area of your hot tub for more powerful jets.

Twin pump – For the ultimate in powerful jets, a twin pump hot tub provides extra power to all jets for great massage.

Waterfall – A beautiful feature of a large selection of our hot tubs. Waterfalls pumping water from the hot tub and back out from the side of the hot tub. Some of our hot tubs have multiple waterfalls.