Many people love the idea of owning a hot tub, but cannot work out if they can justify spending a few thousand pounds on one. So we've done a quick roundup of the 14 major benefits to hot tub ownership:

1. Sleep better

If you sit in a hot tub for just 10-15 minutes each evening, your body temperature will rise and prepare you for a lovely, deep sleep. Ahhh!

2. Fun with the family

Rather than being one of those families that sits in front of a load of screens (TV, tablets, smartphones etc) you will have a lot more fun soaking in the hot tub together, and reconnecting and chatting about your day.

3. Relaxation

There are very few things in life that will relax your body and mind as fast as getting into a hot tub after a long day at work. Just sit back and relax!

4. Relationships

Life is stressful, people come and go from the house all day, but how often do you and your significant other get to really sit down and relax and chat together? Without a TV? Add some scented candles, some romantic music from a bluetooth speaker, and the hot tub becomes the perfect place to rekindle your relationship.

5. Pain relief

By sitting or laying in a hot tub, your body's blood supply to aching joints increases, and also can help to reduce inflammation in painful areas. Can a hot tub cure a cold? We find out.

6. Entertainment

Sound systems, LED lights that change colour, TVs... al these things can transform a hot tub into an entertainment centre for the whole family.

7. Exercise

Sometimes it can be difficult to fit in time to exercise and keep fit. But take advantage of your hot tub's soothing buoyancy. Larger models are big enough to stand up in and can be used for chair exercise too!

8. Children

If you don't have time to take young ones for swimming lessons, the hot tub is the perfect place for introducing young kids to water, and it can help to teach them swimming. It's a safe and secure environment. It goes without saying (we hope!) but don't leave your children alone in the hot tub!

9. Muscle relief

Hot water allows muscles to relax and loosen, you'll feel that in the bath. But in addition, the hydrotherapy jets from a hot tub will give a lovely, targeted massage eto those specific areas of your body that need attention.

10. Party time!

Have a garden party, and involve your hot tub! You can even come up with some good games (besides drinking!) to play in the hot tub with guests.

11. Arthritis & diabetes

As hot water encourages freer movement, and builds muscle strength for people who suffer from arthritis, this can be the perfect place to unwind and help soothe problematic parts of the body. Studies show that after a hot tub session each day, diabetes sufferers require less insulin and can even lose weight! To learn more about how a hot tub can help with diabetes, read this article.

12. Increase your home's value

You might not be thinking of moving home in the near future, but the addition of a hot tub to your garden can really help you to command a higher price for your home, or avoid negotiating on price because your property has something another house may not. 

13. Winter warmer

Cold winter months usually mean you're consigned to the house, with central heating on. But if you've got a hot tub, why not take an evening soak? You'll be lovely and warm in no time, and as your body's temperature will be raised, you'll need less central heating in the house and you'll save money!

14. After a workout

When you get home from a high intensity workout at the gym, spend a few minutes in your hot tub and your sore muscles will relax and be soothed. Hot tubs can aid the body's natural recovery time from a good session. 


We hope that youv'e found some useful benefits in here, and if you're considering purchasing a hot tub in the next few months, why not request a copy of our brochure by clicking the link below:


H2O Hot Tub Brochure

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