We all knew that Brexit would have an impact on our economy and our purchasing habits, for better or for worse. 

Like many other goods that are imported to the UK, H2O Hot Tubs are built overseas and are acquired using the US dollar.

As the pound plummets in value – dropping 15pc against the dollar since the vote – sellers of a number of products across the wet leisure industry are already seeing the impact of higher prices.  

Put simply, our costs to build our hot tubs will be increasing over the coming weeks, and this means that the prices of our hot tubs will increase also, by around £300-500 per spa, depending on the model.

What does this mean?

Thankfully, we still have a huge number of spas in stock at their original prices. So if you're looking to order a hot tub this summer, then now is the perfect time to secure yours at the best possible price, before the price hike.

How do I order?

Visit our Hot Tubs In Stock page, choose your model and you can reserve your spa with just a £300 deposit.


For more information about our hot tubs, how we build them, or anything to do with the wet leisure industry, give us a call or email

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