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Summer isn't too far away, it's bearing down on us quickly! Everybody wants their body to look great for when they hit the beach, right? It's time to start giving your body that all important reboot to get rid of that sluggish feeling from the winter time. It's ever so important to be healthy and exercise. If you own a hot tub, you have the perfect tool to help your body detox so that you look and feel great in time for summer. 

Before you climb in

You should aways be clean when getting into a hot tub. But if you're wanting to cleanse and detox, then make sure that you exfloiate first. Take a bath or a good shower, and give your skin a good scrub with a loofa or some sort of coarse washcloth. This exfolation is perfect for the removal of dead skin, and will help your pores breathe. 

When you're in

Heat - it's awesome sitting and enjoying the hot water. Whilst you're in there, your core temperature will rise and you'll start to sweat. This is great, as it will flush the toxins from your body through your pores. 

Hydrate - because you'll be spending time submerged in hot water and your temperature is rising, you'll sweat, as we said above. It's really important that you replace this fluid by drinking plenty of water. 

Stretch - as your muscles heat up, they'll loosen and relax a lot, making your hot tub the perfect place to give your problem areas a gently stretch.

When you get out

Cleanse - make sure to take a quick, cool shower after every single session that you enjoy in your hot tub, as you can rinse off all the impurities that have worked their way to your skin’s surface whilst sweating.

At H2O, we strongly recommend that you engage in a great detox session at the beginning of summer, if not a few times a week all throughout the year, in order to help your body stay healthy and functioning its best.

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