children in hot tub

Is it safe for children to use a hot tub?

Yes, absolutely.

Firstly, getting into the hot tub and relaxing as a family is great. It's a wonderful way to spend time together without any screens or added distractions... hot tubs are a superb social experience for families.

It's perfectly safe to let your children use your hot tub, but please be aware of a few necessary precautions.


1. Secure Your Cover

Your hot tub cover (if it's from H2O Spa) will come with a locking system around the edges, to stop children being able to open it. This will prevent them from trapping fingers in the cover lifter (if you have one) and from being able to get into the hot tub unattended.


2. Lower The Temperature

Children cannot cope with sitting in a hot tub with very hot water for as long as adults. It's easier for them to dehydrate, become light-headed and feel poorly. Reduce the temperature and keep it at no more than 35°C when you have young children in the spa with you. Keep their maximum soaking time to about 15-20 minutes at most.


3. Supervise Them

We know this sounds obvious, but we really should make it clear. Always supervise young children in any body of water, but especially a hot tub. They could end up drowning, or pushing their hands into the filtration system, or trying to get out and falling and hurting themselves. Girls with long hair should ensure it's tied back (or up, ideally) to stop hair from getting sucked into the filtration system.


Please exercise caution when letting your children use the hot tub. As a family, it's a great way to relax and connect. As always, have fun.

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