At H2O Hot Tubs, the safety and wellbeing of our customers is our primary concern. We wanted to answer some frequently asked questions from potential and existing customers about the use of a hot tub during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

For all users of H2O Spa hot tubs, the latest advice and guidelines as set out by PWTAG - the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group - who've been consulting with Public Health England where they have suggested that the standard level of chlorine is effective in maintaining water safety. Therefore, we recommend that customers continue to maintain correct and effective water chemistry in their spas. 

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Is it safe to use a hot tub during the coronavirus pandemic?

We are constantly checking for public health advice, and currently we are unaware of any public health evidence that suggests that it's unsafe to bathe in hot tub water, provided it is correctly sanitised and also the correct pH level. In order to keep any risks to a minimum, anybody using a hot tub should only share it with people from their current household, provided everybody is currently feeling well and not displaying symptoms.

There could potentially be a risk from touching the hot tub (control panel, shell edge, lid) so it's important that these surfaces are effectively and thoroughly cleaned.

Does a hot tub kill the coronavirus?

COVID-19 is not technically a living organism and therefore cannot be 'killed' as such. Advice from both BISHTA and a USA-based equivalent suggests that the coronavirus would in fact be deactivated in correctly sanitised water that is at the correct pH level. 

What should I do to be safe?

This advice should really be followed at all times when using your hot tub, not just during this pandemic. Anybody using the hot tub should shower thoroughly before bathing, removing any pollutants on your body - make-up, hair products, sun cream, etc. This is good not just for your own health and the health of your bathers, but also for keeping your water chemistry balanced. This will allow the chlorine in your hot tub to kill bacteria in the water more effectively, which is it's job. 

We also recommend that you do not share towels and wash them at a high temperature before and after use.

What about social distancing?

Simply, do not share your hot tub with someone who doesn't live at your house. You shouldn't be interacting with them anyway, as per the government guidelines at time of writing (19th April 2020) but certainly should not be sharing a hot tub with them. If someone's recently been out shopping or out in public they should shower thoroughly before getting into the tub and should wash their hands before touching it for any reason.

COVID-19 is making me anxious, will a hot tub help?

In general, yes, a hot tub will help you to de-stress and relax, helping to alleviate anxiety. It's widely considered that a hot tub is an effective stress reliever - it's also great to socialise with your family away from screens, social media and the news.



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