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On 11th May 2016, DANZ Spas ceased trading.

This means that all Danz Spas hot tubs no longer have a valid warranty.

But don't worry, we're here to help!

Here at H2O Hot Tubs we not only have our own range of hot tubs for sale, but our sister company Move Your Spa are specialists in the hot tub industry with over a decade of trading, with our skilled and trained technicians out repairing and servicing hot tubs across the UK on a daily basis.

If your DANZ Spas hot tub has developed a fault, requires a service, or you just want advice, give us a call and we can help.


DANZ Spas hot tub

Please note: your warranty with Danz Ltd is now void.

H2O Hot Tubs will service and repair any faulty DANZ Spas hot tub, but this will be a chargeable service.


DANZ Spas hot tubs were built in China and in our opinion they were built to a reasonable standard. However, as with all things, there can be faults that occur. LX Pumps were used in all of their models, and older models had poor quality Chinese control systems and heating systems which can malfunction and be complex to diagnose.

H2O Hot Tubs are experts in repairing and maintaining all types of spas, whether its 13A Plug & Play hot tubs or 32A hard-wired ones, so if you've got a problem we'll be able to get you bubbling again. 

We have access to stock for all Danz Spas parts, including pumps, heating systems, control systems, filters, and in some cases are able to perform shell and cabinet damage also. 


Call us now on 0333 990 0320 and we'll see if we can help!


If you want to trade in your DANZ hot tub (even if it doesn't work!) for a new one from H2O Spa, click the button below:




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