Owning a hot tub opens up a whole new world of relaxation, no matter the time, no matter the weather you can head outdoors and relax in the soothing bubbly water.

In addition, whilst having your own hot tub means that you are free to use it as and when you like, there are some simple do’s and don'ts that everyone should follow to stay safe and get the most from the tub…

DO enjoy the hot tub in winter! While they can be used year-round, hot tubs really come into their own in cold weather! However never use a hot tub during a thunderstorm - due to the risk of lightning hitting the water.

DON’T let children under five use the hot tub. Small children cannot always effectively regulate their body temperature and can quickly overheat. Older children should only be allowed to use the tub if they can easily stand and keep their head above the waterline. At all times while using the hot tub, teens and children should be monitored. 

DO test the water every few days, aim for a PH level of 7.4 to keep the water comfortable for everybody.

DON’T take shortcuts when it comes to installing your hot tub. When filled with water, hot tubs are very heavy so be sure to take the time to prepare a proper base and use a qualified electrician to install the electricity supply.

DO clean your filter regularly. A weekly rinse followed by a monthly clean and a bi-monthly overnight soak will help maintain the lifespan of your filter and keep it working at optimum levels.

DO fit a lid. A secure fitting lid is necessary to protect children and animals from entering the hot tub unsupervised. It will also help prevent debris such as leaves from entering the water, helping to keep the water clean. Adding a heat retention cover (which simply floats on top of the water): significantly reduces water evaporation, helps to prolong the life of the cover, keeps the water hot and reduces electricity consumption.

DO have fun, but avoid alcohol. Booze and hot tubs should not mix. Alcohol combined with the soothing warmth of the water can make users drowsy so best avoid it until after you get out.

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