If you own a hot tub you may have wondered to yourself: how on earth is this giant thing made? Well, we thought we'd show you the process. 

One of the most interesting parts is the shell itself. The acrylic sheet is heated up to extreme temperatures, making it extremely flexible. It is placed over the pre-built mould and then vacuum formed into the shape of your spa.

Hot Tub Factory

After this, the shell is left to cool and harden, then it's flipped upside down and sprayed with a thick, dense layer of insulation foam. This keeps the heat in and contributes towards lower running costs. This whole process is done by hand. 

hot tub factory

Then the spa joins a line going through a cooling and setting process, coming out on the other side ready for the fittings.

hot tub factory

At the end of this conveyor system, the pipework and base are both added along with the strong, durable aluminium frame. The spa is then flipped the correct way round for the fitting of the jets, pumps, heater system and filtration system.

hot tub factory

Once that's complete, the hot tub goes through a thorough and extremely strict quality control process. This includes filling the spa, checking for any leaks, and heating it up to temperature. The spa is then run on full power with all jets running to ensure quality and consistency.

hot tub factory

Finally, the hot tub is turned upside down to drain out the last of the water in the pipework system, ready to be packed up.

hot tub factory

The new, shiny hot tub is then packaged extremely carefully to ensure no damage in transit between the factory, our warehouse and eventually your garden. 


If you'd like to see the process in more detail, please enjoy the video below:

If you have any questions about the hot tub build process or the quality of our products, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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