Many people ask us whether they should go for a plug and play hot tub or a full sized spa that has to be wired into their home electrical supply.

So the big question is: What’s the difference?

Well, a 13amp plug and play spa is limited on the power it can pull at any given time (limited to 13amps). In other words, this means the most you can expect is a single pump hot tub with an air blower, in many cases.

Most companies run a 2hp pump, however here at H2O Spa we are one of the only companies to offer a single pump hot tub running a 3hp pump. This drastically increases the power of the massage from the jets. Not only that, on our 13 amp range we have added a main diverter allowing you to divert all the power from the pump to one side of the spa, this allows you to use the spa with the equivalent power of a twin pump.

Another advantage of 13amp plug and play is you don’t get charged as much for electrical installation as all you will require is a IP65 13amp plug socket. The average cost to have one installed is £150.

Plug and play hot tub

Benefits of a wired-in hot tub

Ask yourself the question: How many people on average will use the spa? If it’s 3+ then we recommend going for a twin pump as this will have more power, producing a better hydrotherapy experience for ever user in every seat.

If you have owned a spa in the past and were unsure whether or not it was a twin pump, it would be safer to buy one as the last thing you want to do is buy a new spa and compare it to the power of your old spa.

When it comes to 3hp pumps, we run the most powerful pumps in the industry. You may find other hot tub companies claiming they run 4hp pumps, but on closer inspection, most tend to be 3hp pumps with 4hp wet ends. The result? There is no difference in power.

Lastly, twin pump spas tend to have a better re-sale price. So if in the future you decide you want to upgrade to a newer model, we can guarantee that it will be much easier to sell than that of a single pump.


Ultimately, it's going to come down to user choice, and sometimes the electrical supply capabilities of your home. If you want a large hot tub with lots of power for many users to enjoy at once, then a full-sized twin-pump spa is your best bet. If you're looking for economy, a smaller spa or you just dont want the hassle and expense of having an electrician modify your home, then plug and play will be perfect.


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