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Here's a question that we're regularly asked by potential customers looking to buy their first hot tub: what are the different seating options?

We thought we'd take the opportunity to explain some of the seating options you can have in your hot tub. One of the first considerations is: how many people will use the hot tub?

This will be a deciding factor in choosing which model is right for you. If the spa will generally only be used by one, two or three people, then you can have a variety of seating options and you can switch around depending on your mood, or what part of your body you'd like to have targeted by the jets.

Here are some of the options:

hot tub lounger








No-Float Lounger Seat

Always popular across our range, the no-float lounger seat offers a relaxing way to lay back in your spa and enjoy a full body hydrotherapy massage experience like no other. These seats can comfortably accomodate most users, and offer a variety of jets for a different massage.

Moulded to keep the user in place, without floatin away (hence the name!) your body is fully submerged up to your neck. The powerful jets lift you slightly, and it's this buoyancy that is a very important element of relaxation and the relief of stress. By helping to overcome gravitational effects, this relieves stress on aching joints whilst powerful directional jets massage the muscles in your shoulders, back and legs.

Lounger seats are so popular that they feature on every model in our range, with the exception of the circular 2000 Series spa. Some models, such as our 4200 Series and 4500 Series have two lounger seats, so there's no arguments between couples about who's the most relaxed!


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Captain's Chair

It's not all about feeling important, like the king of the spa! The Captain's Chair is the ideal seat for the primary user of the spa, kitted out with powerful directional jets and a comfortable headrest. Here, you'll feel the water wrap around you, giving a comforting and relaxing hydrotherapy massage. These specially sculpted seats are designed for the ultimate massage of the back and shoulders.

Featured on a number of our models, including 4500 Series and 6000 Series

hot tub seat

Standard Seating

The standard seats found elsewhere in the spas offer a great balance of everything. You're generally sat higher up which is better for conversation and entertaining, and sometimes your shoulders will be out of the water too, making these seats perfect if you're starting to get a bit hot and want to cool down without leaving the spa. Still fitted with directional, powerful, wide jets, you can still benefit from a great hydrotherapy massage.

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