You've heard of a wine bar? How about a wine spa...

The Japanese do like to do things a little differently...

If you want to relieve the stresses and strains of every day life, then we highly recommend you fly to Japan and visit the Yunessun Spa Resort. 

Based in the area of Hakone, this rather unique spa resort allows its clients to cleanse themselves in the weirdest range of hot tubs we've ever seen. Rather than lovely hot water, these hot tubs are full of green tea, coffee and red wine. 

Spas comprising of wine-based treatments can be found all over the world, but this spa at an amusement park in Japan has a giant hot tub full of red wine, featuring a 12-foot bottle of the stuff which allows you to drink it whilst you... bathe in it.


Japan hot tub wine

Photo credit: Amusing Planet

According to the official website, Egypt's Queen Cleopatra did this very same ritual. So there we are.

Hot Tub Wine

Just in case it's not really obvious, H2O Spa DO NOT recommend that you fill your hot tub with red wine. Please don't do it. It's a bit weird. 

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