When it comes to buying a hot tub from eBay, it can be a bit of a minefield. Especially if you are a first time buyer - it's not something we recommend you should do. Most first time buyers don’t do their research and end up buying out of impulse, attracted by the flashing lights and the likes of having a mp3/ iPhone jack to play music. Whilst this all may be nice, in most cases this is not actually something you need and there are a lot of other, more important factors you should consider.

used broken hot tub

We strongly recommend that you purchase a hot tub that is branded from a company that is still running, as getting spare parts can be a nightmare if the manufacturer has gone bust. You could end up buying something that, when it needs fixing, is going to cost you more in labour than the spa is worth. One example of this is Danz Spas, who are a very popular online hot tub company. Unfortunately they went bust, and now other companies are selling their leftover stock online. We can fix Danz hot tubs, but don't recommend you buy them. 

Hot tubs from eBay will come with no warranty whatsoever, unless you’re buying new. However, if you don’t do your research, you could end up buying from a company who is only around to make quick cash. They may offer really good warranties but don’t be fooled, when offers seem “too good to be true” it’s most likely because it is. Within a year you could find the company has gone into liquidation.

Why do sellers choose to sell hot tubs on eBay?

In the last few years there have been thousands of imported, cheaply-made hot tubs sold in the UK and we find 30% of people sell on eBay due to their excessive running costs.

What should you expect to spend?

Well, there’s a few factors to consider including who your electrical supplier is and what the current price is. But to give you a rough guideline, in 2019 we tested a 4500 series from January to March, and the average cost over the 3 months were £41.

In some cases, we have had customers telling us their spa cost that per week and some more. Running cost is a huge importance because this can help to justify buying a new one over an old one.

At H2O Hot Tubs we strive to provide you with the same quality and reassurance of high-end brands without the high-end price tag. Our budget range hot tubs start at £3400 - 10 years ago you would have had to pay twice the price of the equivalent model as this was such a niche market back then!

You can find all of our fantastic hot tubs for sale on our website. 

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