Thinking about buying a used hot tub?

If you’re thinking about buying a used hot tub spa there are few elements to consider before you part with your money.

What price is the hot tub spa you are buying?

Since you probably don’t want to hear it, we’ll say it for you; cheap isn’t always good. You could end up buying something that, when needs fixing, is going to cost you more in labour than the spa is worth. That being said, depending on your budget and if you were willing to look at finance packages, you might find a fantastic, low price hot tub in our range...


Is the hot tub spa a branded name?

There are a number of people selling used hot tubs on sites like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. This can be a great source for a used hot tub, but consider the brand of the spa. Is it someone you've heard of, or can Google and find the manufacturer's website? If not, it might be next-to-impossible to buy spare parts later down the line, rending your hot tub useless or requiring an expensive transplant of a new pump, control system or heater. Don't be fooled by crazy low prices, it could come back to bite you in the long-run.

As mentioned previously, you should also be aware of the fact that all used spas - other than the ones you buy from dealers - will not have any warranty. Even if the spa is only a year-old, the warranty is void once the spa is moved from original address.


second hand hot tub cover

Check the condition of the cover

The average replacement cover cost is in the excess of £400 dependent on the model. If the cover has become heavy or the leather is damaged, your cover will need replacing. This is because it will begin to hold water, causing issues lifting it off and in some cases snapping or damaging the cabinets due to too much weight being put on the lifting devices. If you buy a spa that's no longer in production or is an unusual size, you might need to get a custom cover made. This can be very expensive as there aren't many companies in the UK that make them.


used hot tub shell

Check the condition of the shell

The shell of a hot tub can really take some abuse over the years. You don't need to worry about a small scratch, or scuff… it’s made of acrylic and can handle this.

You might find some hot tubs that are experiencing de-laminated or blistering shells. This is where a small amount of air has made it into the layer between the acrylic shell and the final coat, and is largely nothing to worry about.

Blisters are small aesthetic imperfections but will not cause further damage to the spa nor affect its operation. If you find that the shell itself is cracked anywhere, though… walk away. It will be almost impossible to repair, and certainly not cheaply.


Are the pumps noisy or have build-up of calcium on the shafts?

If a pump is noisy, this tends to mean it is on its way out whilst a build-up of calcium or scale means possible leak on shaft seal. To replace, prices start from £350 with a £100-£150 labour cost to fit.

Furthermore, your new spa is most likely going to need a new filter and to be on the safe side, a service, unless you want to be sitting in contaminated water from the last users. This will cost you in the region of £300.


hot tub moving

How will you get it home?

Hot tubs are very heavy, especially used hot tubs that have probably got water in the pipework that's hard to remove before transit. We highly recommend that you get your hot tub moved by a professional, dedicated hot tub relocation company such as our sister firm, Transport a Tub. They offer relocations starting from just £99 and cover the whole of the UK.


Why is the seller selling the spa?

In the last decade there's been an influx of thousands of imported, cheap-made hot tubs sold in the UK - we're often being called out to repair them because the company they bought them from has gone bust. Consider why the person might be selling their hot tub, is it a genuine reason or are they trying to shift a shed?


What are the running cost of a hot tub?

There's a few factors to consider. For instance, who your electrical supplier is and what the current price is. But to give you a rough guideline, in 2015 we tested a 4500 series from January- March and the average cost over the 3 months was £41. In some cases we have had customers telling us their spa cost that per week and some more. Running cost is a huge importance because this can help to justify buying a new one over an old one.

To summarise this blog, taking in the above factors, it can actually be more cost-effective to buy a new spa over a used one. You will not need to worry about repair work, replacing the pumps or covers for the next few years and you get to enjoy a freshly made spa which hasn’t been previously used.

Here at H2O Spa, we sell good quality hot tubs from just £3699 with a comprehensive warranty. Explore our range of hot tubs today.

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