Picture the scene: you're lazing in the hot tub with your partner, sipping a beautiful glass of wine... then out of the corner of your eye you spot a cheeky neighbour peeking at you. Not the relaxation session that you'd hoped for! This can be solved with a hot tub enclosure. Some people love relaxing in their spa and looking up at the sky, but for others they want some privacy; a little haven in their own garden.

We've written a simple guide to hot tub enclosures, gazebos and pergolas to give you some ideas and inspiration. Not found your ideal hot tub yet? We have both Plug and Play hot tubs and 32A spas, so browse our hot tubs for sale and find your perfect spa.

Here's our simple guide to hot tub enclosures, gazebos and pergolas.



hot tub pergola


A high quality pergola is a strong structure that can also sometimes have privacy screens, fabric drapes or even plants to really complete the look of your garden, and adding an element of privacy, too. Beautiful aluminium pergolas allow for a range of extendable for creating the perfect shelter for your hot tub, providing you with a very flexible way to choose how exposed you want to be to the elements. Many pergolas have retractable roofs, such as these beautiful bespoke systems from our friends at Broadview.

Their range come in a variety of styles and colour options so you can create the perfect structure for your garden, patio or decking area. You can customise further with the options of LED lighting, heating systems, roller screens and sliding glass panels.

hot tub pergola

A pergola will provide you with adequate shade but still allow air flow. Some of the best quality pergolas offer retractable roofs, such as the one shown above. This allows you to experience the stars or the blue summer sky when you're relaxing in your hot tub... what could be better than that?

In addition to our own hot tub gazebo, which comes in a range of different sizes, colours and with customisable sides, we also recommend our friends at Broadview Residential and Shading Solutions.



Available in all shapes and sizes, the gazebo is commonly made of wood and is a very popular way to add a roof over your hot tub and create some privacy. They can comprise a wooden roof on stilts (see above), or metal panels with a screen, or even be made of stone - though these are less popular and more difficult to find.

The benefit of a gazebo is that it's normally pretty easy to install yourself with some help and basic tools. If they're light and made of wood, often you can move them should you need to.

hot tub gazebo installation


A hot tub gazebo can often be small enough to cover just a bit more than your hot tub - so it looks compact and near in your garden. Alternatively, you can go for larger ones to create a full outdoor living space - adding a sofa, lighting or even a television!

There are many out on the market for under £1000 however we'd exercise caution here as some will be inferior and may fall apart in bad weather... not what you want to wake up to!

Aim to spend £1500-2500 and you'll end up with something decent.



hot tub spa dome


We absolutely love these, although we appreciate that they're not for everybody. A solarium is designed specifically as a hot tub enclosure which can boast features like retractable sections and built-in sun shades, making them convenient and comfortable.

This particular one is called a Spa Dome by Alukov, and is a really modern, contemporary and stylish way of keeping your spa. Privacy won't be brilliant, but it will make for a really warm and pleasant place to be.



hot tub covana

Wildcard - Covana

The Covana is our wildcard here, with this amazing piece of kit really being something rather special.

It's a hot tub gazebo that incorporates your lid - raising electronically... it's rather expensive so probably not best suited for those looking for cheap hot tubs but it's nonetheless very special. Check out the video below:

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