Hot Tub Garden Design Ideas

So, you want to redesign your garden?

You want to get a hot tub, or perhaps you've already ordered one and don't know what to do around it.

We often get photos from our customers of beautiful enclosures, decking and decorations around their spas, so we thought we'd share a few to give you some inspiration about different ideas.



It can be a great idea to put your hot tub on decking.

You can sink it inside - but make sure that you factor in getting the sides off for a service or any maintenance!

You can also put it on top of the decking, but make sure that it's strong and has a good concrete foundation underneath,

Gazebos / Pergolas

Getting a gazebo or a pergola for your hot tub area can be a much cheaper way of keeping some shade and protection and privacy around your spa.

Check out some of these designs. 


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