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Over the last 12 months, we've noticed more and more people are asking for Plug & Play hot tubs. Traditionally, most hot tubs are built to take a higher draw of power from your home's electricity supply, and as such require some electrical work to be completed to fit an outside power point that's suitable.

Many people aren't in a position to make these changes (although it's usually only a couple of hundred pounds) or simply don't want to, and would prefer the lower running costs and easier set up of a Plug & Play hot tub.

That's why we've introduced two new models this summer, designed for this exact reason. The 2000 Series and 2500 Series spas are perfect for those who want the benefits of Plug & Play but don't want to miss out on great features.

They can be connected to any standard outdoor 13A plug socket and run just fine, with reduced operating costs they are more energy efficient and keep your bills low - usually around £1 per day or less, depending on usage!

All you need to do is ensure that your outdoor socket is waterproof - you can buy a waterproofing kit if you've already got the socket, but most outside sockets will be ready for this anyway.

Our range of Plug & Play

We already had our best-selling spa, the 500 Series, which is already Plug & Play. This little powerhouse is a 3-seater spa with a lounger seat, so is perfect for couples or smaller spaces.

Now, we have two new models:

2000 Series


h2o plug and play hot tub uk for sale



The 2000 Series is a fantastic spa, and again like the 500 Series it's perfect for small spaces. This is an 'all-seater' hot tub, so no loungers. It's a very sociable spa, due to the fact that al four seats face each other, so you can relax with friends or family and enjoy a variety of powerful hydrotherapy jets.

Thanks to LED mood lighting and Bluetooth Audio as standard, the party atmosphere is made here. Naturally, being a H2O Spa hot tub, the 2000 Series comes with class-leading Balboa Controls as standard.

It's currently available (as of August 2018) for just £3499 with 0% finance available.

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2500 Series


h2o plug and play hot tub uk for sale


 For those looking for something a little larger, look no further than our new 2500 Series. A square design, the 2500 Series benefits from four seats plus a lounger seat. This spa has huge internal space, and is a great addition to any garden. With LED Mood Lighting, Balboa Controls and Bluetooth Audio, this hot tub is packed with great features.

A range of quality hydrotherapy jets make this a great spa to relax in with friends or family. The captains chairs really offer a powerful, deep massage. No matter where you want your massage, this spa can handle it.

At time of writing (August 2018) the 2500 Series is available for £3649 with 0% finance available.

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Find Out More

To find out more about the benefits of Plug & Play or for any hot tub questions you need answering, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team, we're friendly and always happy to help. Of course, you can always visit our Nottingham showroom if you want to see the hot tubs in action before you buy.

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