Winter: it's cold. It's very cold.

But lots of people still want to be able to use their hot tubs during the winter, when it's snowing, or just when it's really cold outside. And why not? Surely this is one of the best times to own a hot tub - escaping from the cold British weather and sinking into hot, soothing water to warm yourself up.

After all, few things look more inviting in a freezing cold garden than seeing the steam rising from your hot tub's water surface.

In an ideal world, we recommend that you change your hot tub water before a cold snap hits, giving the spa a thorough clean in the process. We've written a guide to preparing your hot tub to use in winter.

hot tub snow

There's a few reasons why using your hot tub in the winter is great:

Cold Weather Hydrotherapy.

When it's cold, and your body is cold, your muscles and joints are more likely to be pulled or strained during physical activity, like a run, cycle or time in the gym. In the cold temperatures, having a good soak in your hot tub will help you warm up and prepare your body for a safer workout. Afterwards, a soak will relax and soothe your aching muscles or stiff limbs.

Winter Socialising.

This is a great time to get the family or friends into your spa, especially when it's beautiful and snowy in the garden. This can make for a unique and memorable place for a winter gathering and socialising.


Here are our top tips for using your hot tub during the cold weather:

1. Check your cover

It's important to make sure that your hot tub cover is securely fastened and in good condition, as this traps the heat inside and allows the water to stay nice and hot when you're not using the spa. If your cover has started to bow or rise and is letting out heat... it's time to get a new one! This will also help keep your energy bills to a minimum.

2. Keep an eye on the water level.

Especially if you're not planning on using your spa in the cold weather, it's important to check the water level every couple of days. If the water level gets too low, the components could freeze, including pipework, the heating system and the pumps. Keeping your hot tub water cycling with the circulation pump on a regular basis will keep everything flowing nicely.

3. Keep it clean.

It's easy to neglect your hot tub sometimes, especially if you're not using it for a few weeks. Keep the water clean by maintaining it well, and replacing (or cleaning) your filter where necessary. Also, use a damp cloth to clean the shell of the spa that isn't submerged.

hot tub jets

4. Don't use the air jets.

The air jets in your hot tub blow air into the water, which can lower the temperature. If you're using your spa in the cold climates and want to keep the water nice and hot, consider turning off the air blower and air jets to maintain a good warm water temperature.

5. Check the time.

The longer you spend in your hot tub, the higher your body temperature will be. Tempting though it may be to stick around in the spa for longer than normal and enjoy that comforting warmth, make sure you limit your time to 20-30 minutes. Moving from the high heat to the extreme cold will place some potentially dangerous stress on your body.

bottles of water

6. Drink plenty of water.

Again, being very warm when it's cold outside can have an adverse effect on your body if you stay for too long. As with any time you use your hot tub, make sure to drink plenty of water. It's also best to avoid too much alcohol, as this can increase the effects of dehydration.

7. Plan your exit strategy.

It's never nice getting out of the lovely hot water and making a mad dash for the house. When you've finished in your spa, make sure that you protect yourself from the cold immediately, so take a robe and some slippers with you, and get back inside as quickly as possible.

8. Accessorise.

Add some extras to your hot tub santuary, to add warmth and comfort to your environment. Consider a heat lamp, a towel warmer, or perhaps just a weather-proof mat to protect your bare feet from the cold, frozen ground.


If you'd like to know more about keeping safe and comfy in the winter conditions in your hot tub, give us a call for some friendly advice.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use your hot tub, why not book our fantastic Winter Shutdown Service, from just £179.

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