Hot tub Balboa and Gecko control systems


At H2O Hot Tubs we only use Balboa or Gecko control systems for all of our hot tubs.  Our years of industry experience tells us that US provide the best controls for hot tubs and that’s what we want for our customers. If you're looking at a spa that doesn't have Balboa or Gecko in the UK, chances are it's a Chinese system. Chinese systems are not as efficient and most are not even approved to use in the UK. We have witness customers with these control system catching fire or have a number of faults and costing hundreds to replace. All Balboa and gecko parts are supplied with a 2 year warranty.

See our full range of Hot Tubs with Balboa and Gecko Controls - Look out for BWA, Balboa's Wireless App for total hot tub control wherever you are. Gecko do there own version called intouch 2

balboa hot tub controls

About Balboa Water Group 

Balboa are renowned for their quality range of pumps, blowers, electronic control systems, spa jets, white goods, parts and accessories. 

Their reputation spans the world due to their innovative design and quality & reliability of products.

Go wireless with either Balboa all new BWA or gecko version intouch 2

With Balboa’s BWA app you can control your hot tub from your smart device include Android or iPhones.

BWA stands for Balboa Worldwide App and using your home WiFi network, you can access your hot tub controls.  What a great way to quickly set your hot tub temperature, turn your pumps and jets on and off as you wish. Whilst you’re getting ready to take a dip, you can be preparing your hot tub so it’s just how you like it and ready when you are.

You can even program it from your office, so it’s ready when you get home from work! What a way to end a stressful working day.

For further details on the BWA system and any minimum requirements, visit the Balboa Water Group website.