Hot Tub Snow

Winter is the best time to use your hot tub, we think.

Lots of our customers like to get home after a hard day at work, and escape from the freezing cold winter temperatures by sinking into the lovely hot water in their hot tub.

We get asked a lot of questions about how to look after your hot tub during the winter months, so we put together a quick guide.



Create A Maintenance Routine

Hot Tub Test Strips

To avoid standing around in the cold trying to work out why your water is a funny colour, or doesn't smell right, set yourself up with a regular maintenance routing for checking your hot tub water, and managing your chlorine and pH levels.

Tip: If you want to keep your water in good condition throughout winter, it's best to get a winter service or do a complete drain and refill before the snow and ice really hits.


Stock Up On Supplies

Take the time to make sure that you have enough chlorine, pH increase/decreaser and shock before the winter months, so that you don't run out and have issues with your water levels throughout the cold season.


Keep The Heat In

Hot Tub Heat Cover

Keeping your water warm and preventing heat loss is the best way to save money on your electric bills. If your hot tub is losing heat, the heater will have to kick in more regularly, which will use electricity.

Getting a thermal floating cover to rest on the water's surface will reduce the amount of heat that escapes. It also protects your lid from condensation containing chemicals! The covers may seem expensive (£120-150 depending on your tub size) but in the long term, they'll save you a lot of money.

Tip: Avoid the cheap thermal blankets that look like bubble wrap. They're thin, they'll disintegrate and pieces could get sucked down the filtration system and jam your heater or pumps, causing expensive damage to your hot tub.


Protect Your Cover

Hot Tub Cover Cleaning

Make sure that your cover is clean and protected from the elements. There are two ways of doing this. One: get some cover cleaner, (non abrasive) and some leather protector. These can be bought from reputable hot tub companies, or you can pick up something similar like leather protection from a car parts shop.

Secondly, getting a hot tub heat retaining cover can be really beneficial. Similar to those winter covers you see wrapped around cars, this will protect the cabinet and cover from the elements, and also trap in heat, reducing energy loss.


Stop The Critters

Hot Tub Cabinet

Outside is freezing cold. Your hot tub is warm.

Small animals and insects may want to use your hot tub for shelter, but can cause damage. We've seen cases where small mice and rats have found a way into the hot tub and then chewed wiring. It happens. Take the time to make sure that your cabinet is completely sealed and that there are no gaps. There shouldn't be anyway, but it's always worth a look.



If you have any questions about preparing your hot tub for winter, or want to arrange a service to make sure that yours is tip top, then please get in touch.

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