Hot Tub Temperature

Want to know how to keep your hot rub running costs low? 

A common question we're asked is: are hot tubs expensive to run?

These are our 8 top tips for ensuring that the costs of keeping your hot tub don't outweigh the fantastic benefits. 

1. Check your cover

• If your cover is getting heavy, chances are that it's soaked up loads of moisture and become waterlogged. This means it wont be insulating your hot tub properly and keeping all that lovely heat in.

• If it's a frosty morning, check to see if the hot tub's cover has melted the frost before the surrounding area. if so, it's not keeping the heat in. Time to replace it.


2. Add a thermal cover

• Heat retention covers are an excellent way to keep your hot tub running costs down, by preventing any excess heat from escaping from your spa, thus reducing your electric bill!

• Did you know that 70% of heat loss from hot tubs comes from water evaporation?


3. Protect it from the wind

• Cold winds will cool down the exterior of your hot tub and eventually that cold will transfer through the insulation to the inside and, ultimately, your water temperature will go down.

• Try installing a wind break or fence around your spa. It has the added bonus of giving you extra privacy.


4. Reduce the temperature

• All H2O Spa hot tubs allow you to have your water at 40°C - but for many people that's too hot. Dont have your hot tub too warm if it's not necessary, a temperature of around 32°C will be enough for many, and will keep your running costs down because the heater has less work to do.

• Going away? Turn the temperature down to around 25°C whilst you're not going to be using the hot tub. On models with bwa™ installed you can even use your smartphone to warm it up again!


5. Clean your filter

• A dirty filter in your hot tub can restrict water flow, meaning the pumps have to work harder to move the water around, thus increasing electric costs.

• In addition, a clean filter means clean water, which is lovelier and safer for everyone. 

• You should clean your filter every 2-4 weeks, as a general rule.


6. Close air jets

• Air jets are great for adding more bubbles, but they also pull in cooler air. 

• The air blower in your hot tub also uses a lot of energy, so if you don't want or need the air induction jets switched on then you can turn them off, reducing your blower usage and therefore your electric usage.


7. Use pipe cleaner

• Every time you do a full drain & refill, it's important to clean your pipework.

• Buy spa flush or pipework flush to unblock and clean your spas pipe system, making the whole thing more efficient.


8. Keep your chemical usage down

• Don't use chemicals unnecessarily. Make sure that you shock your tub regularly and keep an eye on your levels.

• Excess chemical usage can cause damage to the cover of your spa, so take care. 


Looking for a hot tub that's cheap to run? Browse our fantastic range of spas today, many of which are Plug & Play, so run from a normal plug socket.


If you have any questions about how to use your hot tub or run it more efficiently, give us a call or contact us via our online form.

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